THE PERFECT BREAK Sicilian Journeys Sicily Travels Tour OperatorTHE PERFECT BREAK
CULTURAL UNIQUENESS Sicilian Journeys Sicily Travels Tour OperatorCULTURAL UNIQUENESS
WALK THROUGH HISTORY Sicilian Journeys Sicily Travels Tour OperatorWALK THROUGH HISTORY
SEA TALES Sicilian Journeys Sicily Travels Tour OperatorSEA TALES
TASTE THE BEST VINTAGE Sicilian Journeys Sicily Travels Tour OperatorTASTE THE BEST VINTAGE
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Your Tailor Made Journey

All our itineraries are customized to meet our guest’s interests, needs and pace of travel.

We offer you more and by handcrafting every single itinerary we tell you a story about Sicily.

Indeed, every itinerary has hundreds of stories.
The stories of this ancient island, always a crossroad for all the travellers of the Mediterranean, the stories of its people, welcoming and proud of their traditions, the stories of the flavors of its authentic food and great wines.

We want you to take home a piece of the story of this island which has been fascinating and seducing people, civilizations, and travelers for millenniums.

Let Sicily seduce you


Get Inspired


TAKE THE MEASURES In the first email contact we ask you a few questions to find out a bit of you and
your idea of travel, your interests, your likes and dislikes, which is your pace.

DRAW   We design a draft itinerary and we list a suggestion of lodgings picked for you: you might want a boutique
hotel or a genuine countryside retreat; what about a seven-rooms stylish hotel, a wine estate or the
exclusive Timeo?
We will discuss the proposals and the budget with you, sewing and unsewing to tailor make the itinerary
just perfect for you.

READY TO BOOK Once you approve the itinerary and the price we make all the arrangements and send you the final invoice; we ask a deposit at the booking and the balance sixty days prior to your departure.