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Food & Wine - Sicily Travels Tour Operator

Food & WineFood & Wine

                  Sicily is a culinary wonderland


… in a countryside estate getting familiar with local grains, olive-oil and wine and try your hands at traditional recipes

… in the afternoon hardly trying to choose between an almond or a mulberry granita sitting at an outdoor café on a gorgeous Baroque square

… at evening dining on a six-courses menu in a Michelin-starred restaurant. a UNESCO-listed historic center as the frame.

… the day after strolling the vibrant and busy alleys of Ballarò food market, shopping and cooking pasta alla Norma in the tiled kitchen of our home cook

… drinking, enjoying and tasting awarded reds. Wines coming out of Etna are considered some of Italy’s most unique.

let’s discuss together about your must-eat and must-taste experiences to tailor your gourmet travel in Sicily

Sample Itineraries

Exclusive journeys with a culinary focus to discover Sicily through its premier keys, food and wine.

Whether you are a true foodie, a food passionate, an enthusiast beginner, or a curious traveler, we offer you plenty of authentic experiences to taste Sicily.


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