We Sicilians love the Aeolian Islands, they’re the perfect weekend escape, the best family vacation, each island is unique and everyone has his own favorite. And we at Sicilian Journeys never miss a chance to escape to our Mediterranean paradise. Lillo celebrated last year his 50th birthday on a super romantic weekend in Salina with his wife Simona. Barbara, since she was a child, used to spend unforgettable holidays hopping from island to island on his grandfather little boat.

These have been difficult months and all of us in the tourism industry have been overwhelmed. But we had also the chance to stop, think, enjoy reconnecting with simple pleasures and with the things most dear to us. For this reason we decided to start our magazine from what we love most and dedicate the first post to a great love, the Aeolian Islands. Many others will follow for sure as we have so much to tell you and so many places in the Islands where to take you.



The Aeolian Islands are the perfect family vacation. One of our favorite activities you may have in the Islands is hiking Vulcano’s Gran Cratere with Emanuele, definitely the man to know on the Aeolian Islands. Take a breathtaking guided and easy hike to the Gran Cratere and an incredible lunar landscape of smoking holes, sulfur and volcanic “bombs” awaits you. The crater is at 391 meters and the path towards the peak is an easy pleasant walk of 45 minutes between brooms, volcanic boulders, and black and sandy soil, mostly compound of volcanic dust.

Once reached the peak the view is breathtaking encompassing all the Aeolian Islands in a unique glance and Mount Etna looking South. Move towards the discovery of the crater, a depression of wide dimensions of a diameter of around 500 meters. Your guide will show you the “fumarole” mostly compound of sulphur, whose bacterial action is the cause of a yellow-ochre and red colored patina which covers the soil and the stones making part of it.

Fumaroles on the Gran Cratere della Fossa, the main crater of Vulcano, on the island of the same name. Aeolian Islands in the background. Sicily, Italy

And if you want to explore more of Vulcano Island continue with your guide on board of his Mehari car along an amazing panoramic road and reach the picturesque little village of Gelso with its black-sand beach and the lighthouse. Go inland to meet the shepherd and goat cheese maker and taste the exquisite ricotta and “primosale” flavoured with capers. Then go to Capogrillo for breathtaking views of the crater at sundown.

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If you ask our captain where to sail around the Aeolian Islands, he has no doubts, Filicudi

Filicudi is a rocky uncontaminated island, peppered with prickly pears and flowering capers growing out of every crag and where life has a rhythm of his own. There are almost no tourists here and a resident population of some three hundred.

This is a special place and our guide in Filicudi is a special one as well. You’ll meet our guide, a Sicilian lucky enough to call this Mediterranean paradise home, at the little port. Slow down and spend your day in this lovely island where the streets are donkey paths.

You’ll walk along donkey paths, enjoy Sicilian homemade meals on unique private terraces and step into the atelier and private home of an artist, one of your guide’s friends who came to Filicudi time ago and said “I’ll stop here”. Head to the tiny village of Pecorini for lunch in a private gorgeous home. Your host and home-chef will prepare a “Filicudi” style seafood lunch to enjoy on the panoramic terrace while the wines will be proudly selected by your guide.

We’ll be happy to assist you with a wide range of boat options to get to Filicudi for a memorable day trip, from a delightful wooden craft boat to our luxury yachts as well as our exclusive charter catamarans for week rentals – Enquire for quotes

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